Gaze Coin Is Selling Virtual Real Estate On Mars In A Breakthrough Model For Funding Game Development

Star Apartment — Riot Kitty ‘Fantasy’ Hub

In an initial land offering (ILO) funding an open universe survival game, Gaze Coin is offering virtual real estate in a city of indulgence located on Mars. Promoted as a “virtual escape for your alter ego”, the city is the base camp for Dream Channel, an open VR universe survival game, which rewards players in Gaze Coin for exploring the connected metaverse. The Mars initiative was inspired by Elon Musk’s challenge to entrepreneurs to create businesses on Mars, issued in March at SXSW 2018. The virtual cities are the center game sectors of the epic open universe survival game which was outlined in the Gaze Coin whitepaper and website.

The land sale creates a new blockchain-driven model for financing games by selling a finite amount of virtual real estate inside the game to investors. Investors then earn ‘gaze’ (engagement) based rewards from gamer engagement occurring on their property — allowing property in high traffic areas to become valuable. Property owners may also use an ERC721 ‘rent’ token tied to their property to gain a trackable share of revenues earned by tenants. The sale uses finite land models to establish two virtual cities: one the host of a Battle Royale-style game and casinos, the other a red light district inside the game environment inspired by real geographical locations on Mars.

The Game, Backstory and Cities

Story Synopsis:

Red Planet is the location of a Battle Royale-style ‘deathmatch’ game run by cryptocurrency gangsters called Dream Channel. It is the most lucrative game in the Universe played in Lucydia, a place where dreams are won, lost, bought and sold. A second city on the planet is the location of a rival game in a red-light district called Fantasy. The cities are important base stations used by interstellar explorers to equip themselves for their travels. The cities reward players for discovering content in coins required to buy travel needs.

City #1: Lucydia: Dream Channel began in Lucydia, a city built in the shape of Burning Man’s “Wheel of Time” and only accessible by taking the dreaming elixir, “Gaze”. The game pits players against each other in a deathmatch inside their dreams rewarding them in Gaze. Lucydia is located on top of the Olympus Mons area of Mars.

Laneway, Spice ‘DJ’ Hub

City #2: Fantasy: The status quo changes when an unsuspecting Dream Channel player, Lucy, has a dream about a game called Fantasy played in the streets of Amsterdam requiring its own ‘Fantasy’ elixir. Lucy’s dream is the most coveted prize of all and she becomes the target of those who wish to wrestle control of it by all means necessary. Fantasy is based in the Utopia Planitia area of Mars (where the NASA Viking project landed in 1971) and is a augmented city based Amsterdam’s red light district.

Finite & Expandable Land Model

The game uses a property model that is finite, strictly limited and fixed to the exact city size of the two city structures. However, the entirety of virtual Mars is open to other developers who can establish other cities using X-Y-Z coordinates provided by the platform. Land can be linked to other worlds via the Gaze Coin Wormhole Transport System.

Gaze Coin technology rewards property owners for user engagement. Owners of land, billboards, benches or other real estate in high-traffic areas of the game will receive revenues corresponding to the engagement occuring on the real estate (ie. a player watching an ad). In the case of VR or WebGL games, Gaze Coin uses eye tracking to reward players for simply looking (gaze triggering content).

Property in both Lucydia and Fantasy are known as Dreamspaces — where dreams, wormholes and content are stored. Dreamspaces must be purchased by either Gaze Coin (ERC20) or (in the case of Fantasy sector) Fantasy Coin (ERC20) and then converted into a unique property ERC721 token. Dreamspace owners may either serve their own content or “rent out” the space for others to serve theirs. Owners that rent out their Dreamspace use an ERC721 ‘rent’ token and earn a simple revenue share charged on all transactions that occur within the Dreamspace.

Dream Channel begins beta testing on December 13th and respond here if you want to be part of a select group to take part. December 13th is also the launch of the ILO (Initial Land Offering) pre-sale. Register here if you want more details

About Gaze Coin

Gaze Coin is a company and platform specifically designed to solve the monetization challenges of virtual worlds, bridging the gap between the promise of VR/AR and the ability for brands and content owners to capitalize on it. The Gaze Coin platform (token: GZE) is a patent-registered blockchain solution that securely stores ownership and transaction data about assets in virtual worlds and manages micropayments associated with content consumption. Gaze Coin also produces interactive virtual reality experiences and environments that employ its platform. Gaze Coin was founded in 2017 and is based in Los Angeles, California. For more information, please visit:

Facebook: @gazecoin Twitter: @gazecoin Instagram: @gaze_coin Reddit: r/GazeCoin




Eye tracking payment system for Dream Channel , a decentralised social network that uses private keys and tokens to allow users to build virtual worlds.

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Gaze Coin

Gaze Coin

Eye tracking payment system for Dream Channel , a decentralised social network that uses private keys and tokens to allow users to build virtual worlds.

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