Tommy Trbojevic NFT Strategy

Who Is Tommy Trbojevic ?

NFT Summary

More details

Stage 1

  • There are 24 Tommy ‘ teams’ within the collection — each one with a collective special ‘action’ skill — eg speed , hit ups, kicking, tackling, evasion, strength — and each one with its own ‘team’ look and unique attributes
  • Players in each team have numbered jerseys aligning them with specific positions. This allows common characteristic across teams — ie each team player with no 1 — full back — has similar characteristics in common. This allows people to collect all the full backs — for example. Collecting all the players wth a particular number makes the collection evolve.
  • Each team has 13 genesis characters (on the field), and 13 reserves. The genesis characters are capable of breeding off spring (alter egos), and can generate super rare players by crossing a stage 1 NFT with a special release character (see below section on special release characters) .This fosters the creation of super rare variant collectibles .
  • Each team has a ‘Captain’ — capable of drawing on all the talents of the entire team for epic battles with other team captains . Battles that will take place in Stage 2
  • One extra team will be released for children’s market in Roblox.
  • One extra team will be released for teen market with a capped price of $5. This NFT will be very valuable in stage 2, as it will be able to be crossed with a special release character to generate a super rare variant
  • To breed off spring genesis characters require the lucid dreaming elixir Dice (DZZZ) — released in phase 1 . This is burned in the creation of off spring . In phase 2 DZZZ can be won by facing off against other Tommy’s in the AR game, or can be purchased. DZZZ can also be cashed out to Ethereum.
  • The 13 reserves in each team are useful for creating entire ‘teams’ and can be traded between collectors for this purpose. Once a full ‘team’ is created by a collector the team ‘evolves’ together — once again creating another variant type.

Stage 2

  • Tommy NFT’s delivered to real world NRL locations — collectible in AR using your mobile — starting with Brookvale Oval.
  • The Dream Channel AR app will add a mechanic that allows Tommy’s to face off for DZZZ. Owners will be able to purchase fight & other sports moves from a ‘moves’ library and use combinations to face off and win DZZZ fighting on each others desks viewing through the camera on their phones
  • One of the teams will be VR compatible. Ie by owning one of the team members owners will gain access to VIP VR simulated content
  • Tommy’s will be ranked according to the attention they generate in the Metaverse — free to roam anywhere their owners choose.
  • Tommy’s can be sponsored — with sponsorships on their jersey. This is achieved by embedding them with the attention token ‘Gaze’. This means Tommys can go anywhere on the decentralised web and advertisers pay for the actual engagement they receive from others.
  • Machine learning will be used to generate a special release of Tommy’s that are generated from real time social media language. Eg Tweets sent with #TommyNFT will generate an avatar created by either positive or negative tone of language.
  • Tommy’s can fight in your sleep. ie owners can give their NFT a budget and wake up in the morning to see how many wins/ losses. Battles / confrontations between Tommys are recorded will be replayed on Dream Channel TV
  • The smart contract allows for the addition of special release characters to be added to the collection — this specifically meant to allow other players as they join the collection. Special release characters can be crossed bread with Tommy’s to create super rare variants
  • NRL Metaverse will be added with other teams.

Stage 2 — Facing Off in AR

Dream Channel Hologram NFT Play-2-Earn Game

Number of Tommys, AI Generative & Special Release Character NFT’s

Stage 1 Genesis Characters

  • There are 24 Tommy Turbo teams
  • There are 13 members of each team on the field
  • These 13 can breed up to 12 variants each (another team that they can be in)
  • There are also 13 reserves in each team.

Stage 1 — AI Generative NFT’s

  • 24 teams x 13 = 312
  • x 12 off spring each = 3,744 characters

Stage 1 — The Roblox Team

Stage 1 & 2 — The Teen Team

Stage 2 — Special Release Characters

24 x Tommy Teams — Pricing and Release Strategy

Stage 1 >>

Release #1 — Price 0.1 Eth

Release #2 — Price 0.2 Eth

Release #3 — Price 0.3 Eth

Release #4 — Price 0.4 Eth

Machine Learning Teams — Price 0.5 Eth

Stage 2

VR #2 — Price 0.6 Eth

Special Release #3 — Price 0.7 Eth




Eye tracking payment system for Dream Channel , a decentralised social network that uses private keys and tokens to allow users to build virtual worlds.

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Gaze Coin

Eye tracking payment system for Dream Channel , a decentralised social network that uses private keys and tokens to allow users to build virtual worlds.

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